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Surgery Services

Our surgical center is equipped to handle a diverse range of elective and emergency surgical procedures. Our board certified surgeons and fully trained surgical team utilize the surgical facilities to provide our patients superior veterinary care, which is the foundation of Pioneer Equine Hospital. The Pioneer Equine surgical center has two spacious surgical suites and one room for standing surgery. Each surgery suite has a client viewing window for observation of all of our procedures. We are equipped with a carbon dioxide surgical cutting laser, which cauterizes and cuts through tissue simultaneously, reducing the amount of bleeding during a procedure. Throughout any procedure an anesthetist continually monitors and evaluates the individual needs of each patient, thus minimizing the inherent risks of general anesthesia.

The following is a sample of the surgical services commonly performed here at Pioneer Equine Hospital:

Colic Surgery

Arthroscopy/ Tenoscopy


Upper Airway Surgery

Laceration Repair & Scar Revision

Fracture Repair

Angular Limb Deformity Correction

Joint Arthrodesis

Castration, including Cryptorchid Castration

Mass Removal

Sinus Surgery

Hernia Repair


Tooth Extraction

Dystocias/Caesarian Sections