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Podiatry Center

Proper management and care of the foot is essential to the well-being of the horse. The majority of all lameness issues affecting the horse occur from injury to the components that make up the foot. Some of these problems can occur as a consequence of poor or improper care of the foot. Our farriers and veterinarians work together as a team to provide the best treatment options for managing your horse’s foot conditions. The Podiatry Center staffs a handful of farriers who work alongside our surgeons and lameness clinicians. Disorders affecting the foot that are frequently managed at our Podiatry Center include: acute and chronic laminitis, white line disease, hoof wall cracks, avulsion fractures of the hoof wall, caudal heel pain/navicular syndrome. Using the team approach, pinpointing the location of the problem and using diagnostic imaging can provide information for veterinarians and the farrier to develop a mechanical solution to manage such problems. Our team of farriers and veterinarians can offer consultation and advice for your farrier and veterinarian at home in providing management for your horse’s foot problems.