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Surgical Facilities

The Pioneer Equine surgical center has two spacious surgical suites and one standing surgery room, each equipped with innovative technological features that enhance surgical amenities while minimizing the risks of surgery and general anesthesia. Each surgery suite has a client viewing window for observation of all of our procedures. After initial preparations for surgery, the patient is brought into one of four heavily padded induction/recovery rooms. Once the patient is safely situated in the induction room, the induction agents are administered and the horse is gently lowered to a rubber floor. A specially designed hoist then elevates the anesthetized patient to enable proper positioning onto one of our surgery tables. The surgery table is heavily padded and features an electric hydraulic lift to maximize the comfort of our patient for the entirety of the procedure.

Surgical FacilitiesThroughout the procedure the anesthetist, one of our veterinarians, uses state of the art monitoring equipment to evaluate blood oxygenation, anesthetic gas delivery, respiratory CO2 levels, direct arterial blood pressure, ECG activity, ventilation pressures and volumes, and blood gas analysis. All these monitors can be continually evaluated and adjusted to the individual needs of each patient throughout the procedure, thus minimizing the inherent risks of general anesthesia.



Surgical FacilitiesOur surgical center is equipped to handle any elective or emergency surgical intervention necessary, from arthroscopic and cosmetic corrections to colic surgery and repairing fractures. Our veterinary team and surgical center provides our patients superior veterinary care, which is the foundation of Pioneer Equine Hospital.