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Pioneer is currently accepting stallions
to stand in 2018


Stallion Standing Services
Stallion Costs:


Over view of program:
         Let us do all the work! All contracts and client communication will be handled through Pioneer Equine Hospital. We will provide a page on our website for stallion promotion as well as on our Facebook page. Another great perk is we refund your board at end of season if your stallion books 25 or more paid mares. Our full care board includes grooming, feeding your supplement program, showing your stallion to prospective mare owners, if you choose to allow viewing and maintaining your stallion’s shoeing/trimming cycle. For an additional fee we will turn your stallion out.  


The details:

    • Health requirements: Negative CEM swabs, EVA serum titer or semen viral isolation (if vaccinated and can verify vaccination), Coggins and Vesicular Stomatitis serum titer
    • Board - $29/day for standard care, $34/day for standard care plus turn out in a sand paddock up to 4 hours daily.
    • Stud fee – We handle the collection of stud fees and the stallion owners are paid on a monthly basis.
    • Chute fee:
      •  $500, includes 1 FedEx shipment of cooled or frozen semen or 2 pick-ups; Counter to counter is an additional $200
      • $600 for stallions requiring extra processing i.e. Centrifugation
      • Subsequent Collections - $300 FedEx, $450 Counter to counter, $150 Pick-up.
      • Collection schedule - Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 9am PST cut off time day of collection. Counter to counter orders must be requested day before so flight times can be found.
      • Rebreeds - additional Chute fee is required and will only carry over 1 year. Mare can be switched with proper notification.
      • Live foal guarantee - will be included in contract if you choose to have it included.
      • Embryo transfer - multiple embryos require additional stud fee once recipient mare is 45 days in foal.
      • Frozen semen availability - not required, but highly encouraged just in case demand out numbers the stallion’s production ability.
      • When semen is limited or is in high demand, priority will be given to in house mares first, counter to counter mares second, then to FedEx mares.


11536 Cleveland Ave, Oakdale, Ca   95361
Ph. 209-847-5951 Fax 209-847-5954