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ReproductionThe veterinarians and staff at the Reproduction center pride themselves on offering the highest quality care to mares and stallions and are very excited about the expansion and possibilities that come with this advantage. We are a Select Breeders Affiliate (SBS) with a USDA approved facility for those stallions having semen frozen and exported to foreign countries. As an affiliate laboratory, we are part of a worldwide network enabling us to freeze semen and provide the most stringent quality control system in the world through Select Breeders Service as well as provide you with an annual breeding report for your stallion. We also train stallions to be collected from a phantom and perform breeding soundness exams (BSE).

All patients are monitored 24 hours a day by veterinarians specializing in reproduction. Our foaling service allows owners to rest assured that their mare and foal are utmost priority at Pioneer. We monitor each mare with a FoalAlertŪ device that sends a signal alerting us of the impending birth. Our large foaling stalls (12X24) let the mare select the most comfortable spot to give birth. Each foaling is attended to by two veterinarians who are there to assist in the delivery process. If for some reason there is a problem during birth, we have an on-site obstectric surgical center to assist in getting the foal out as soon as possible. After birth, the foal and mom are allowed to develop their bond in the first impressionable hours. At 12 hours of age, we will test the foal for passive transfer as well as perform a complete new foal examination.

If you have a mare that needs breeding, we can handle the reproductive cycle preparation and coordination between the stallion owner, semen transport, and breeding. Whether you have chosen a stallion on-site or one that requires the use of frozen semen, our veterinarians and equine health technicians will use the latest technology to get her settled and back home in the most efficient manner. If you are having trouble getting your mare settled or your mare is too busy on the show circuit, we also offer embryo transfer with an on-site recipient herd. If we can't synchronize a recipient for your mare, we can transport the embryo to a transfer station in the western US to ensure you get the best recipient available. If you have any questions or want to stop by for a quick tour, please don't hesitate to call the clinic at (209)847-5951.



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