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Podiatry Center

Proper management and care of the foot is essential to the well-being of the horse. The majority of all lameness issues affecting the horse occur from injury to the components that makeup the foot and many of these problems occur as a consequence from poor or improper care of the foot. Our farriers and veterinarians work together as a team to provide the best treatment options for managing your horse's foot condition. The Podiatry Center staffs 2 full time farriers during business hours that work alongside our surgeons and lameness clinicians. Rocky Amitage (pictured below) manages and oversees that Podiatry Center. Rocky has over 35 years of experience and is a member of the American Farrier's Association, and past president of the California Farrier's Association.

Podiatry CenterRob Dugo is a highly skilled and talented blacksmith that trained under Rocky for several years. When not working at the Podiatry Center, Rob provides farrier service at several performance horse and rehabilitation facilities in the surrounding area. The Podiatry Center is located next to the main hospital and consists of a fully equipped farrier shop, three treatment areas and adjacent to 16 holding stalls. Severe disorders affecting the foot including: acute and chronic laminitis, white line disease, hoof wall cracks, avulsion fractures of the hoof wall and horses affected with caudal heel pain, such as navicular syndrome are managed frequently at the Podiatry Center. Using the team approach, pinpointing the location of the problem using diagnostic imaging, such as radiographs can provide information for veterinarians and the farrier to develop a mechanical solution to manage such problems. Prevention is another important aspect of the Podiatry Center and the team commonly sees performance horses, pleasure horses and back yard pets for routine farrier service. Finally, in addition to seeing appointments at the Podiatry Center, our team of farriers and veterinarians can offer consultation and advice for your farrier and veterinarian in providing management for your horse's foot problems.