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Emergency Care

AmbulatoryPioneer Equine Hospital fulfills a vital role in the Central Valley as a 24-hour emergency care that includes both an emergency referral center and local ambulatory service. We believe that this provides horse owners with an invaluable and essential service, and are proud in the quality of the attention our patients receive when they arrive at our gates. Our team of veterinarians and staff go on standby as soon as the call comes in for an emergency. Our field veterinarians are ready to attend to any emergencies within our local practice radius day or night. Should the case require more involved care or hospitalization, our in-house veterinarians and staff are always ready to receive any referral emergencies from the farthest reaches of our state and beyond. The scope of the emergency caseload that we receive and process varies from horses requiring minimal observation, to neonatal emergencies, to severe surgical colics, to catastrophic long bone fractures.

Our facilities are equipped with the ability to administer fluids. These stalls are 16X16 which provide plenty of room for a mare and foal should they require our highest level of monitoring. When we have a patient under intensive care, they receive constant monitoring day or night by our staff of veterinarians and equine health technicians. We have immediate access to a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic options including CBC, blood gas analysis, abdominal, cardiac and thoracic ultrasonography, radiology, basic microbiology and a fully equipped pharmacy that allows us to select the appropriate therapy immediately and without delay.

Our caring staff understands that a sudden and unexpected emergency can have a profound emotional effect on the horse owner. Our goal is to provide the best and most effective medical treatment in a humane and compassionate way while at the same time soothing the anxiety and confusion that often afflict the owner. Our clients can rest assured that should their horse experience the unpleasantness of an emergency, the crew at Pioneer will be ready to make them a priority and resolve the emergency in a compassionate and efficient manner.