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BarnPioneer Equine Hospital offers complete dentistry care for your horse. We utilize both motorized and hand-powered tools and provide maintenance and preventative dental care to horses of all ages. In addition, advanced procedures such as tooth extraction, tooth root pathology or diastoma can also be completed. Teeth continuously grow in length throughout most of their life and the development of sharp points and hooks can occur overtime based on how they chew and breakdown feed material. Because of this, horses require regular dental attention to prevent the development of permanent dental disorders, irritation to soft-tissue structures in the mouth, dropped feed and weight loss. The inability to breakdown plant material which can lead to feed impaction in the intestinal system and development of signs related to colic.      Recently, our clinic hosted two dental continuing education forums (link) to further educate our veterinarians on equine dentistry. Those seminars have advanced our knowledge of the importance of the thorough oral exam, need for dental x-rays when disease is suspected, and the ability to work with new and emerging dental diseases. Whether you transport your horse to the hospital or need dental work done on farm, our veterinarians can service your horses' dental needs.