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BarnThe new Pioneer Equine Hospital offers two MD barns with a total of 40 stalls for our hospitalized patients. The two barns allow separation of the surgical and lameness patients from our more intensive medical patients who require closer observation. Each stall is 16x16 feet with matted floors for the horse’s comfort. Barred windows allow the patient to see outside and horses across the aisle, while solid walls and central drainage prevent cross-contamination and allow for thorough cleaning. The stalls are fully equipped for IV fluid therapy, and the patients are closely monitored by our veterinarians and equine health technicians. Each barn has a central Nurse’s Station where patient information, medications, personal items, and important equipment are kept. BarnThe barns also house a treatment area equipped with stocks for procedures performed on hospitalized patients. Pioneer Equine Hospital also provides 16 matted day pens along the side of our indoor arena for the convenience of drop-offs, farrier appointments, or other clinical procedures.