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AmbulatoryWhile Pioneer serves as a leading equine referral center, we also take pride in providing exceptional primary veterinary field services for the horses in the local area. Once the main service provided by the clinic, it is now part of the complete equine medical program that we offer to our clients. Pioneer maintains three vehicles fully equipped to handle routine and emergency veterinary care for our clients, allowing us to bring the expertise of our veterinary staff directly to their farms and ranches. Anything from annual vaccinations to lameness evaluation, wellness exams to emergency colics, to routine health checks in our older patients, our field veterinarians take pride in the quality of the service they are able to provide to our clients. Furthermore, we have the unique opportunity to refer those critical patients that require more intense diagnostics and therapy to our new equine hospital in Oakdale. Our facility offers a complete equine veterinary experience with a newly constructed 22,000 sq ft equine hospital boosting two viewable surgical suites, covered lameness arena with multiple surfaces for thorough lameness evaluation, diagnostic imaging such as digital ultrasound and high field MRI, 2 barns with a combined forty stalls for those hospitalized patients, and on site podiatry center.